Tony Cox - innumerable screen credits: Nice Dreams, Under the Rainbow, Return of the Jedi, Faerie Tale Theatre, Captain EO, Spaceballs, Beetlejuice, Willow, Friday, Me, Myself & Irene, Oz the Great and Powerful.

Martin Klebba - founder of the Statesmen, legacy team; has a million film credits.

Kevin Thompson - working actor; Under the Rainbow, Blade Runner, Return of the Jedi.

Scott Danberg - four-time paralympian, got start in athletics with the Shorties.

Jimmy Briscoe - former clown in Ringling Bros Circus.

Joe Gieb - Under the Rainbow, Weird Science, numerous TV shows.

George Rossitto - manager of the Shorties; Under the Rainbow, The Fall Guy, Faerie Tale Theatre.

Chris Romano - after leaving the Shorties, started his own dwarf team in Michigan, the "Motor City Micronauts"; Under the Rainbow, Return of the Jedi, This is Spinal Tap.

Joe Griffo - an electronics technician, he also has had a long career in the film industry.

Adam Romano - Chris Romano's son, plays on a new dwarf team along with Martin Klebba the Statesmen.

Lydia Graber - engaged to George Rossitto; married to late-Shorty Larry Green; accountant and publicist for the team in the '70s.

Scott Green - brother to late-Shorty Larry Green; booked numerous gigs for the Shorties and also refereed, including the earliest games vs. Laker Girls.

Glen Haserot - coached the Shorties from the mid-'80s through the early '90s.

Anthony Slide - Hollywood and Film Historian, Archivist and Preservationist.

Narrated by Brian Stepanek - Actor / Director - Known for his work on Stage, in Film and Television. 

Plus Special Guests